Silly question on "regular" cake and "yellow" cake.

Mar 10, 2015
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I don't eat Twinkies so I was asking my partner about them. I was asking them what they were exactly. If they were regular cake filled with cream. He answers no that they're filled with cream but that they are yellow cake. I replied well I know they're yellow which is why I wanted to use them (I want to use them as Minions) but I wanted to know if it was regular cake or some other kind. He tells me that yellow cake is one type of cake and "regular" cake is another.

His mom used to make cakes. When I started making them years ago I would use different recipes: "regular" cake (which I would refer to as yellow once in a while), chocolate cake, white cake, pumpkin, etc. I had no separate recipe for "yellow" cake. Once in a while I'd used the recipe used here in PR but it's kind of a pain so it wasn't often. I think it may be similar to angel but we'd refer to it as "bizcocho de aqui" (cake from here).

IS there some recipe for yellow cake that isn't "regular" cake?


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