To knead or not to knead - that is the question !

Mar 7, 2021
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I have been making homemade bread for a couple of years. Up till now I have always followed the recipes for "no-knead" bread. I get a loaf that is not bad at all albeit sometimes coming out a bit dense. The mix I end up with is never a solid ball of dough but a slightly thinner mix which pours quite well into my loaf tin. The resulting 50 minute bake produces a hard crust with a softish centre.

My question is this:- what would the results be if, instead of following the no-knead method, I added very slightly more flour to the mix to get a thicker dough and then I actually kneaded it for a few minutes? Would it rise any higher meaning that I don't have to bake it for the approx 50 minutes that I do at the moment ?? As I said, the crust usually comes out quite hard maybe because I have to bake until the middle is cooked completely.

Any advice appreciated..


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