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    I was cooking for a combination of dietary requirements on Saturday (egg, dairy, peanuts, hazelnuts) so I decided to try the two ingredient chocolate mousse that I'd heard about (chocolate mousse made with water). To make it a bit more interesting I added some rose water for a Turkish Delight taste, and decorated it with rose petals, pistachios, and a square of Turkish Delight. I briefly considered making the TD, but it seemed like far too much effort!!

    This is the recipe I used (based on this one from How to Cook That) and it did 4 servings:

    300g dark chocolate (I used Lindt 70%)
    100ml water
    Extra 117ml cold water
    3 tsp rose water
    Pinch of salt

    To decorate:
    Turkish Delight
    Dried rose petals
    Salted pistachios

    I followed the method from How to Cook That, so I won't bother writing it out again. The only problem I encountered was that after the cooled mixture came out of the freezer it was a bit too cold - when I tried whipping it up it just turned to chocolate rubble. I added some of the cold water to get it going, and after that it was fine. In future I would freeze it for a shorter period of time.

    I did end up with some hard bits that wouldn't blend, so I sieved the mousse towards the end before giving it a final beat with my electric whisk. I added the rose water and salt once the mousse was nearly done - I added the rose water 1/4 tsp at a time until it tasted right. I think if this mousse was made with milk chocolate you would need less of the rose water.

    turkish delight mousse 1.jpg

    turkish delight mousse 2.jpg

    Yummy! :D
    Becky, May 21, 2018
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