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Apr 9, 2018
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Hello everybody, i come here desesperate for help! My boyfriend is a chef and i dont know much about cooking, but yesterday we were watching Chef's Table (season 1 episode 5 i think) and they showed a kind of fountain pen that used chocolate instead of ink and my boyfriend shouted "i always wanted that!" since his birthday is in 15 days, i would absolutely love to get it from him, but here are my problems: we speak spanish cause we are from argentina and he told me it was called a "pincel cuchara" literally translated to "brush spoon" but i cant find the item with any of the versions of the word. Ive found tools that work similarly but are more like a piping bag in the shape of a plastic pencil or so. The one he wants looks exactly like an original metal or bronce (or something) fountain pen. Please help me! I need to find this tool and more so i need to know how it is called in spanish! My instagram is alfonsinabrillantina if u want to talk to me. Thank u so much


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