Pricing Help for Superhero Macarons

May 22, 2017
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Hello everybody! So I just recently baked some macarons for my close friend's son's birthday and the theme was superheroes!
I baked the macarons and I designed them by drawing action words, some symbols representing a hand full of superheroes and I also striped some of the macarons to match the colors of the superheroes symbols!
Anyways, she uploaded a picture of the macarons, gave me credit and some of her friends and family added me on social media and are asking me about prices on my macarons.
The problem is that, I'm not really sure how much to price my macarons. I know I can base it off of multi colored shell, simple designs, complex designs, and/or maybe filling? Do people even charge for different fillings? But My macarons are fairly small because of the silicone mat that I use that already has a stencil on it. The size of the circles on the mat are about 3cm or 1 1/16 inches. After pipping the macarons according to the stencil and baking, of course the shells would come out slightly bigger than the stencil.
Im just not sure how much to price my macarons since they are kinda on the small side and I don't want them to feel like I'm ripping them off. I just want help putting a price for things like colored macarons, multicolored macarons, simple designs, complex designs and maybe filling?? I really don't know if people charge a little more when it comes to the filling of macarons. I just bake for the fun of it but it wouldn't hurt to make a little money off of these! I'll also leave a picture of my macarons! Give me your opinion on how I should've priced the superhero macarons and a pricing list in general(please consider the size too) or maybe even prices for bundles?! Thank you guys for taking time to read my struggle and responding! :)
Mar 26, 2013
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Welcome to the forum! :)

They look awesome, you did a great job. In terms of pricing, I have no idea I'm afraid. Maybe something like 5 for $3?
Sep 7, 2015
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Well, how I price per item goes something like this.......

I add up the total amount of costs for the actual ingredients, including food coloring, flavorings, fillings, and everything needed food wise to make the pastries.

Then you double that price for the work time, and resources needed to produce said pastries.

Add 25% to THAT price for specialty work like you did.

Then take that total price and divide it by how many pastries you made.

This will give you a rough figure on how much money it took to make one macaron.

Bakeries will then usually price to sell based on that, as profit margins are different for each bakery and company that produces such items.

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