How to dry Royal Icing with pets in the house

Aug 27, 2019
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Hi! I am new here and really NOT a baker, lol. My mother and my husband are the culinary artists in the family.
However, I am creating cookies for a trade show. I am using Royal Icing to decorate, and custom icing sheet transfers.
My issue lies, that I have pets. Two cats and a dog (Siberian husky). I am reading that the icing needs to dry approx 24hours, maybe more - Out in the open air. (not in the refrig and not in an airtight container)
Has anyone come up with a way to facilitate this but still keep the pet hair off of the cookies? I wondered if anyone ever put them on drying racks, and then created a tent with wax paper to "cover" the cookies lightly?
If not, I might just have to ask my mom if I can ice them at her house and let them dry there. (I was trying to avoid imposing...)


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