Choosing the Right Piping Bag and Tips

Jun 21, 2015
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In there a noticeable difference in quality between different types of pastry/piping bags? We have one that my husband has had since college and he has one tip to go with it. I'm seeing more recipes that I want to try that would go more smoothly with a piping bag, so I'm looking at picking up a new set. The bag we have wasn't really big enough for the last recipe I tried it with, and we had to use just the opening of the bag rather than the tip we have in order to get the right size outflow.

My questions are:

Is there any reason to buy the bag(s) and tips as a single set, or should I buy them separately?

Is there any brand in particular I should buy or avoid, or are they all basically the same?

Should I specifically look for metal or plastic tips, or does it depend on the specific tip which kind is better?

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