Defrosting cake and how tall can I make it without supports?

Sep 16, 2022
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Hi everyone :)

I'm new here, and don't bake regularly, would appreciate any advice given. I'm attempting to make a cake for my mum's special birthday. She's an awesome baker; she normally does the baking, while I like doing the decorating. The baking part is NOT my strong point! I'm a beginner that way.

I've used Betty Crocker velvety vanilla cake mix today (2 boxes) which has given me 4 layers of 8 inch cake (around 2 inches high each). They turned out well, I let them cool right down and have put them in seperate zipped freezer bags, wrapped them in tin foil, and they are now in the freezer (her birthday is 8 days away).

1. When should I defrost the cake? Is 24 hours okay, and is it best to do it in the fridge? When should I take the tin foil off and take the cake out of the zipper bag?

2. Is it safe enough to stack the 4 layers on top of each other without support (they are around 2 inches high each)? I'll be using buttercream filling. Not sure whether to use fondant icing or buttercream cover for outside of cake; do any of these give better overall support to the cake than the other? The cake will be making a very small 2 minute journey in car.

Thanks so much for your time!

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