Energetic Toddler.

Aug 21, 2022
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Hi all, I have a 3 Yr old son who is very energetic. He helps me bake cookies and cakes every now and then. My big issue is he won't actually help, he just throws everything everywhere the flour goes into a big cloud in my kitchen and my choc chips dissappear (he eats them).

Is there any easy and minimal recipes for cookies or fairy cakes something like that. Thank you


Oct 24, 2022
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It seems to me that the main thing now is to teach your child how to handle products accurately. Perhaps he gets tired quickly and loses concentration, so you should cook the simplest recipes or do some of the work yourself before the child starts to help you. You need to help him focus on his actions and behave calmly so that he is not nervous or in a hurry. If you need to measure the amount of flour, then use special devices. Explain to your child every step, be like a radio :)
And for a child, cooking with you is a way to develop and bond with you, he does not need to get the most delicious cookies in the world, although you can quietly help him while he is small. Good luck!

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