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Dec 17, 2023
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Hi folks, i am relatively new on this forum and while I LOVE to bake I don’t do much of it anymore.
My issues are twofold. 1) I don’t have many people to bake for anymore. And 2) I am diabetic.
It is the last issue I was hoping for advice with.

I tend not to be that fancy in my baking as I generally don’t have much time. So I mostly would back bread and cakes and simple cookies. And at Christmas time I would bake a ton of Christmas cookies of various types.

But with the decrease in people to bake for (read give away my baking to so I don’t get too fat from eating it all) and the fact that I shouldn’t have any of it as between the sugar and the carbs it is really bad for me I have mostly quit baking.

So I am kind of hoping I can get some pointers as to where I can find simple recipes that are not too horrible for diabetics.
Breads and simple cookies such as snickerdoodles but that are “less bad” for diabetics. That sort of thing.

The other reason for joining here is I am trying to find a recipe to match my favorite childhood cookie. But I am not sure how to even start on that.
It was a bit odd. My local bakery made one generic cookie dough and used it for a ton of stuff in different ways. My favorite was a “sugar cookie” that was basicly the standard dough with a layer of sugar backed on top. It was about 1/2 to 3/8 thick and was a bit flaky.
The backers was in Livonia Mi in a mall. It moved to a strip mall but it stopped selling the sugar cookie and no they wont clue me in on what the cookie dough is. Yes i understand that they sell cookies for a living so no I don’t have a problem with them not saying. I am just trying to figure out what the heck it was.
I have tried hundreds of sugar cookies recipes and many others but neither ever tastes like it

Well thanks for letting me join

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