Hello! Searching but coming up empty in Catawba County NC

Oct 22, 2022
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Hi everyone,
I'll normally be the lurk-ness-monster and search forums and threads before posting because 10 to 1 what I'm searching for has already been addressed and then some. I'm not sure if I'm using the right words, not enough etc.

We just moved to a rural - out of the city limits home ( Newton NC in Catawba County) and I'd chosen it mainly due to kitchen size.
One of the kitchen walls needs work and the tile needs to be replaced near the sink.

I've been perusing this site, FB pages and really helpful online resources as to what can and cannot be made,
where and when it can be made, how and where and when/how it can be sold. As well as in state only laws.
Plus, though we both love animals, we've made it a point not to have any pets because I want to bake and sell from my home, so not so much as a pet rock.
It's just me and my fiance, both in our middle years ;)

My question is this, if I call to have my kitchen inspected and it fails, how long do I have to wait (after repairing or rearranging the kitchen)
before I can have it inspected again? Or should I just wait until it's all done to what I think will pass?

Thank you and hope everyone is having a good day

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