Hi - I’m new to this and require advise on moulds please! Thanks



Jun 23, 2017
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Hello :)

I am new to baking and I am looking for someone to confirm if I could use the below moulds for fondant icing?


thank you

Personally, you should buy your tools from a cake decorating or hobby supply store. Buying tools on amazon and ebay is risking since you have no idea who the source is. You don’t know if the silicone is food grade of contaminated with toxic chemical or contaminates. Amazon has such a counterfeit problem they were added to an international watch list. Ebay is worse because it is all 3 third party. When your tools are coming in direct contact with food, you need to know the material is 100% food grade/safe. And not all rubber and silicone can be used for food. So unless you are buying from an established company that makes tools, I’d think twice.

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