Where can I find these baking molds?

Jul 24, 2020
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I have been making cookie shots for a while now and have been using a mold I bought from Michaels. After watching a few Youtube videos on cookie shots I noticed some bakers using these to bake the shots. They're little cups with insterts. Anyone know what they're called?

Yes, I have googled cookie shot molds, shot molds, etc. The closest thing I have found were baba molds but they don't have the inserts.

Thank you in advance!




Jun 23, 2017
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All those molds are rum baba molds. There is no such thing as a cookie shot mold unless you count that novelty pan that Wilton came up with for home bakers. The cookie cup shot is a fad made up by a celebrity pastry chef Dominique Ansel after he ate an oreo for the first time and decided to combine the cookie and milk into one. Since he is a celebrity chef, people are just making copycats of his cookie using baba molds.

Rum baba molds are sold at Pastrychef.com, JBPrince.com, bakedeco.com, webstaurantstore.com.

The mold with the wide lip on top is a popover mold.

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