Alternative ideas for filling a gingerbread house mould

Dec 10, 2014
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Hello! My mum and I have this mould [here] which we use to make gingerbread houses (at Christmas and for various family weddings and the suchlike!) It works really well, but we were wondering about taking it to a family member's house when we visit for an early Christmas, since any finished house would be too hard to transport, but we don't think we'll have enough time to make the dough, bake it, let it cool etc, and we were wondering about alternatives for filling it with? My mum suggested chocolate as that obviously would be less fiddly, but we think it will take a huge amount of chocolate to fill it; I suggested mixing the chocolate with golden syrup and biscuit to make a tiffin house but my mum doesn't think it will be strong enough.

Just wondering if anyone had any ideas of alternative things to fill it with, or any experiences of building with tiffin or chocolate? Basically we need help and ideas LOL. Thanks! :) xxx


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