Do you listen to music while you bake?

Jul 8, 2014
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I don't generally listen to music when I bake. If there's music, though, then I don't mind it. I don't need it, either.

This topic reminded me of Helen Trevillion's "Ode to My Cake", where she wrote music because she was baking.

Oh, and I sing the Broadway version of Defying Gravity when I want to time the perfect soft-boiled egg.


Sep 6, 2019
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Do you listen to music while you bake? I do! :) I love cranking up the music super loud and jamming while I bake! I think it is fun and relaxing! I like to listen to high energy music while baking and decorating cupcakes, cakes, cookies ect...
What about you? Do you listen to music while you are baking? If so, what kind? High energy music, or slow jams?

Love this performance, particularly the energy that they bring out in the opening movement. Too many (IMNSHO) soften it up and slow it down way too much.


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