Funny Baking Stories

Jan 7, 2014
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Do you have any funny baking stories? Did you add the wrong ingredients to a recipe? Did you overbake or underbake something? What are some of your funny baking stories?
I hadn't been married long. My husband offered to make dinner for me. He said he did not want any help. He just wanted me to relax and he was going to take care of dinner.
I eagerly agreed! He decided he was going to make pizza and breadsticks. Fairly easy considering they were both frozen and all he had to do was put them in the oven.
While waiting for dinner, I smelled something burning. I got up to go check the oven. My husband told me, "Oh no honey, you just sit down and relax, I got this." He went and checked the oven. I then heard "Oh CRAP!" being screamed by my husband. There was a small fire in the oven! He had left the cardboard under the pizza and it had caught fire! He quickly put out the fire. I think we ended up ordering pizza that night but we still laugh to this day about the time he insisted on making me dinner. :)

Another funny baking story happened around the Christmas of 2009. I wanted to impress my family by making my grandma's famous sugar cookies. It was the year after she had passed. It was a Christmas tradition for her to bring her famous sugar cookies. Since she was no longer around to make them, I wanted the tradition to live on. I worked hard on the cookies. I was so proud when I presented them to my family. I could tell they were all very touched that I carried on Grandma's tradtion....until they took a bite of them. I passed the cookies out and everyone took one. After a few bites, no one said a word. I then took one and took a bite myself. IT WAS TERRIBLE! I had gotten the recipe all wrong! They tasted like baking soda! There was no flavor! They were disgusting! I said, "I guess Grandma would not be so proud." My family laughed and laughed! We still laugh about the time I tried to carry on Grandma's tradtion. Just goes to show, no one can do it like Grandma can. :)

Your turn! What are some of your funny baking stories?
May 2, 2013
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My only memorable baking disaster was when I forgot to add yeast to bread dough and ended up with tortillas. I couldn't figure out why the bread was flat until I found the yeast packet hiding under a kitchen towel.

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