Mini Hot Dogs Roll recipe information?

Jun 7, 2017
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Greetings y'all!

I come to you for help! I grew up in upstate NY, where we eat hot dogs a little different than most. A local baker and butcher make them scaled down in size, thus hot dogs are small (not a normal hot dog cut in half) and thus the mini hot dog roll in scaled down also (not a hot dog bun cut in half)

Maybe some of you are familiar with the bakery in Troy, NY Bella Nopoli and have seen these creations?

So, I live in Los Angeles, trying to recreate this idea out here and am having trouble with bakeries getting the profile correct, I bring them samples of the Bella Napoli mini rolls. They are not a normal, sweet & airy hot dogs roll, but like if a load of Italian bread meet a hot dog bun,more towards a Italian bread side

All that being said, I was curious if any of you folks might know what I am talking about, and might have some insight?

I've pasted a couple of links about the rolls, with some pictures, maybe that can provide some insight to you folks, cause I'm baffled.

I have contacted the owner/mgt of the Bella Napoli, he's been very helpful, cannot sell the recipe but did mention he used a normal flour, a lil higher in gluten than normal, he said (could be throwing me off a little, maybe not??) but he also said in passing about a 'finger roll.' Looking at the internet, some of their rolls do resemble internet photos of these. Possible an influence?

Also, would a lab be able to help and provide an analysis of the sample buns I have? Might that be a way of getting a hint of the ingredients?

Here is a link about the rolls, hot dogs, etc.

You information is appreciated!!! TY.


Sep 7, 2015
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Sounds like he developed his own recipe for the rolls he uses. I wouldn't sell my recipe either if it was making me money.

I would suggest......if you want to do something like this yourself for a business........

Don't copy someone else, make your own. Develop your own bun recipe, develop your own hotdog meat recipe.
If you make something that is a specialty to your business alone, then you will make more money and have a more loyal customer base. Copying someone else might get you started, but it won't do much for you in the long run.

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