Over-sticky dough

Sep 14, 2022
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I made pizza dough last week, and baguettes today and had the exact same problem with both. They both started with a Poolish and I added the exact (digital scale) amount of water and flour. (baguette poolish 200g A.P. flour, 300g water, yeast) then next day add 500g flour and 220g water, and salt to the poolish and knead.
Both pizza dough and Baguette dough were a gloppy mess. I double-checked all ingredients and everything was right. 75% hydration is supposed to be sticky but workable. After the first rise, It wouldn't even stay in my hands to slap and tuck, it just oozed out onto the counter.
Does household humidity play a factor? Where I live is always humid.
I use all-purpose flour for both, adding the appropriate amount of vital gluten to make it more like bread flour.


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