Substituting Angel Food Cake for Sponge Cake***

Discussion in 'Cakes' started by New_Baker, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. New_Baker

    New_Baker New Member

    Oct 27, 2018
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    Hello Everyone!

    I am making a strawberry mousse cake recipe that requires sponge cake. However, I am substituting angel food cake for the sponge cake. The strawberry mousse cake recipe also requires strawberry syrup AND strawberry mousse to be applied to the cake. Do you think that adding the both would make the strawberry mousse cake too sweet? Through an internet search, I discovered that angel food cake has 9 grams more sugar than sponge cake, per serving. Should I only add the strawberry mousse and NOT the strawberry syrup?

    Thank you for your help!
    New_Baker, Oct 27, 2018
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  2. New_Baker

    Norcalbaker59 Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2017
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    Northern California
    Welcome to the forum. Sweetness is a matter of preference. Knowing the taste preference of those you are baking for is extremely important to creating a successful dessert. No matter how perfectly you execute the bake, if the taste is not suited to the eaters it’s a failure.

    Sweetness preference is both individual and cultural. Asians prefer much less sugar in desserts the Americans. Children often prefer sweeter desserts than adults.

    My family is Japanese, so when baking for my family I pulled back on the sugar. One of my good friends is Mexican, their desserts tend to be sweeter. If I’m baking for her, I can go sweeter.

    An American friend who was married to an Asian woman spent considerable time in Asia. He once commented to me that he hated Asian pastries because despite Asian desserts looking as beautiful as anything you would find in a French Pâtisserie, The Asian version was not sweet.

    Syrup is pure sugar. It’s going to pack a lot of sweetness. So you really need to know what the taste preferences are of those who will be eating it.
    Norcalbaker59, Oct 27, 2018
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