Swiss Rolls issues

Sep 7, 2021
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I have been making a Filipino dessert called a Pionono. I have been making them for years but have come to an issue when rolling them. I titled this post as "Swill Rolls", but they can also be called "Jelly Rolls" or Pionono. They are basically a chiffon batter in a 17" X 12" sheet pan.
My issue is consistency when rolling the cake. In the past, I always inverted the sheet cake onto a sugared towel as soon as it came out of the oven, then rolled it up while hot and let it cool down in the rolled state. The finished look was pretty consistent back then.

I changed the recipe a couple of years ago, following a you tube video of a Vietnamese Swiss Roll recipe. What was different and appealing was that they did not place any sugar onto the parchment paper used to roll it up. When finished, the cake roll looked so shiny and pristine. My issue is that sometimes when I bake them and roll them up, the "skin" of the cake either peels off, or the cake develops cracks when rolled up. The difference with this Vietnamese recipe is that you cool the cake down in the pan for a few minutes until slightly warm or room temp, then invert it onto parchment paper. Then roll the cake into a roll for a few minutes, then unroll it and place filling inside. The cake is then rolled up and placed in a cake box.

I am pretty consistent with my ingredients, weighing instead of measuring. I keep my eggs at room temp when baking the cakes. It makes them a little more difficult to separate when at room temp, but I was always told that room temp egg whites have a more increased volume compared with chilled egg whites. I always try to whip the whites to a medium peak. I place the completed batter in a parchment lined half sheet pan that measures about 12" X 17", and bake them at 375F for about 14 minutes. The cakes come out nice and high, but shrink slightly when cooled.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially from any experienced swiss roll bakers! Thanks!

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