UK Bakers?

Aug 4, 2020
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Are there any UK bakers here?

This afternoon I have had my 2000th and something go at making coconut biscuits, again cakey and chewy, I have to admire my own tenacity here, anyone just a little bit sane would have given up decades ago.

I even recently bought the 'Bake Off' biscuits book, tried a few of the recipes; they don't appear to get that in the UK biscuits are dry, crumbly and crunchy - this despite it being a UK book by a UK author.

This latest batch (from the Bake Off book) gave me a bit of hope because these coconut biscuits contained rolled oats, but nope still chewy and cakey (YUK!)

I thought the clue would be in the title 'Biscuits' not 'cookies' but still no joy, maybe we just imagine all those thousands of packets of biscuits we buy from the supermarket?

Any suggestions please?


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