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Oct 10, 2019
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Help! I'm in the process of opening a retail bakery that specializes in cookies, brownies and bars! For the past few years, I have been selling locally at farmers markets, festivals and events, as well as through catering opportunities. It was recently brought to my attention that the company name I have been using was infringing upon an active trademark, as the name was too similar to theirs. I was served a cease and desist letter to stop using the company name immediately. I have ceased operations under that name. However, I am now left desperate, as I am searching for a new name that I love just as much as my previous one! I can get super creative in the kitchen with flavors, textures, etc. but when it comes to this aspect, I'm totally out of touch!
I'm here to request some assistance from those who are creative! Please help me come up with some names for my bakery -- even if they're not perfect, please share, because it may lead to another idea... I appreciate all of your help!

Some info:
1) We specialize in cookies, brownies and bars
2) Most of our cookies are based on traditional recipes, but have a twist -- for instance, we have a chocolate chip cookie filled with passion fruit icing, our "sugar cookie" is more of a birthday cake cookie -- filled with rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate chips and buttercream filling.
3) We want a "trendy" name that somehow relates back to 'cookies' or 'baking' in general, if possible. Some examples of these are: Milk N' Cookies, Batch Cookie Co., Baker's Dozen Cookie Co. (these are all taken, but awesome examples!!)
4) We're a Southern based company and our decor is going to be 'farmhouse' themed. We can play off of this, but not necessary.

Your help would be GREATLY appreciated!



May 21, 2019
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Using your name might help:

Corey's Kitchen Cookies
Corey's Homestead Bakery
Corey's Pralines & Petit Fours


Jan 12, 2020
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Keep it simple, make it catchy, no tongue twisters.
Theres a philosophy in business that says don't put your name on the business. It makes it difficult to sell the business should the need arise.
If you use the word milk, they will expect to buy milk from you.
same if you call it bakers doz, they will expect it.

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