Failed bread?

Sep 2, 2019
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So, I've started baking my own gluten free bread since I don't find the store bought ones as good as mine turn out. But today something (?) weird happened. My bread has risen like crazy so I was instantly like, oh yeah, that'll be the best loaf yet. Come to find out that when I cut it open it was sort of failed? It has these weird strips of bread that feel like they're undercooked but how can they be undercooked if the bread on the outside is beautifully golden brown?
My bread has never failed while baking so I don't know what it feels like so I thought that maybe the flour was bad or something like that. Here goes the question, is it dangerous to eat "failed" bread? Gluten free flour ain't that cheap :(. Also, how can the bread rise beautifully and be failed at the same time? I thought these failed bread symptoms came in pairs, flat and undercooked.


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