Flan Texture Problem

Mar 19, 2023
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Hi y’all, I’ve been having some trouble lately with getting a consistent texture throughout my flan.

Here’s my current recipe:
3 eggs (whole)
1 1/2 c milk/cream/dairy
1/3 c sugar
+ caramel

I’ve tried full half and half, but found it to not be quite as creamy as I would like

Tried 3/4 each heavy cream and half and half: bottom half of flan was nice and creamy but the top was the same consistency as the full h&h (could sorta see the split between the two textures once cut through)

Tried full heavy cream: texture even but was fairly heavy

I’m trying to not change the eggs (so that there’s no leftover yolk/whites) but I can’t seem to get a consistent texture throughout but keep the kind of lightness from cream + h&h.

Any thoughts?


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