No bake oreo cheesecake not setting

Discussion in 'Disaster Help' started by bufonian, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. bufonian

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    Aug 13, 2019
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    hi i made a no-bake oreo cheesecake a few days ago and for some reason the cheesecake mixture wouldn't quite set, even after leaving it in the fridge for 8 hours (when the recipe only required 4). i'm not entirely sure why it wouldn't set but i have some guesses (which may or may not be accurate and i would need some advice hahah)?

    1. i used low-fat cream cheese (i'm not convinced of this reason as there are no bake cheesecake recipes out there which call for low fat cream cheese)
    2. i used slightly less whipping cream (i thought it would give me a thicker cheesecake mixture but i guess not), also the recipe called for the cream to be beaten until they were stiff peaks (i made peaks but i didn't know if they were stiff enough)
    3. i used too much of the cream filling between the oreos (idk if they contain oil and might prevent the mixture from setting)

    again, all these are just my conjectures so i'm not too sure if they're right. i'm just a baking novice so any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks!
    bufonian, Aug 13, 2019
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  2. bufonian

    Norcalbaker59 Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2017
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    Northern California
    To avoid wasting your ingredients and your time you should follow a recipe as written until you have the knowledge of baking fundamentals to make substitutions. If you prefer low fat cream cheese, you should find a recipe that uses it, rather than make substitutions on your own.

    Cream cheese contain thickeners. Low fat does not have the same consistency as full fat cream cheese. Some recipes more specifically state not to use low-fat cream cheese because of the differences in consistency. The consistency varies by brand. Many recipes in will specify Philadelphia brand cream cheese because it’’s a better consistency than other brands.

    When you mix the cream cheese with the whipped cream you have to create an emulsion. An emulsion is the dispersion on one liquid into another. In other words, the water in the whipped vream has to be dispersed into the cream cheese. So it’s important that you use the correct cream cheese and the cream cheese is right temperature.
    Norcalbaker59, Aug 13, 2019
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