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Jan 27, 2020
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I am wanting to put in a home bakery in our basement with a food truck/ trailer delivery system for selling, for our daughter. The problem I am having is in getting insurance. My SF agent says my homeowners policy will not cover anything if a fire would start in the business part of the home and even if it didn't start there it would be up to the claims dept at the time to see if it would even be covered because of the home bakery. Even with business insurance through them. But would be happy taking my money.

I know im not the only one wanting to have a small bakery in there home. Is everyone doing this with out proper coverage and hope that everything will be ok?

What insurance companies cover this type of set up? I have gotten in touch with several and have not gotten replies.


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Jan 12, 2020
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Its illegal, but that never stopped me or thousands of others who do it.
The problem is the health dept, don't go asking questions, you'll just put a target on your back.
The insurance, eh...they'll take your money and refuse to pay out any claim because you aren't operating legally.
If you have a mortgage on your house it will say in the agreement that no commercial activity is allowed.
So legally,,, forget it.
If you have nosey nitpicking neighbors they can get you shut down.
Keep your head down, stay quiet.

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