Ube bars (rehydrating ube)

Nov 8, 2018
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(ube bars recipe video) 1
http://www.pinoyhapagkainan.com/ube-bar/ (ube bars written recipe) 2
https://thesweetandsavorysideofme.wordpress.com/2016/09/01/how-to-rehydrate-ube-powder/ (hydration ube) 3
I would to make ube bars. In the recipe listed. The links from top to bottom are: 1 youtube video ube bars with English subtitles (I do not speak or understand Tagolog (maybe a very few words) 2 same recipe as in the aforementioned video 3 a how to to re hydrate ube.

In the video number 1 link at time 7:07 re hydrated ube powder is added (no explanation given on how to re hydrate the powder (that I can understand). In the the link 2 it mentions 1 tablespoon of purple yam powder and further on in the directions it mentions "...then pour the dissolved purple yam powder" without directions on how to dissolve the purple yam powder. Finally the last link 3 gives directions on how to re hydrate purple yam powder (ube) but it becomes a paste not a liquid as in time index 7:07 as in the video (it also uses 3 teaspoons not one tablespoon). Any assistance on how I might re hydrate the purple yam powder (ube) for this recipe with English measurements . Thank you By the way I do have the powder (ube) and the flavoring (ube)

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