How many cookbooks do you have?

Discussion in 'Baker Banter' started by AuntJamelle, Feb 7, 2018.


I have the following amount of cookbooks...

  1. None

    1 vote(s)
  2. Less than 10

    2 vote(s)
  3. 10-20

    3 vote(s)
  4. 20+

    2 vote(s)
  5. I'm on the next episode of Hoarders

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  1. AuntJamelle

    AuntJamelle Well-Known Member

    Jan 22, 2018
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    Am I the only one that hoards them? :oops:

    I have a very large cupboard underneath one side of my kitchen island that is FULL! And there are a few others scattered around other places in the house too. I recently had a girlfriend gift me with a large cardboard box FULL of books, mostly Gooseberry Patch, that she said she didn't want anymore - she said she'll use Pinterest for recipes as needed.

    Now I love me some Pinterest - let's not talk about how many recipe related boards I have - but I can never quite get to the mental state required to get rid of a cookbook! Unless it totally is awful of course!

    How many do you have? Favorites? Ones with special meaning? Vintage ones?

    How do you keep track of your favorite recipes? And the ones you want to try?
    AuntJamelle, Feb 7, 2018
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  2. AuntJamelle

    Norcalbaker59 Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2017
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    Northern California
    i’m a reformed cookbook hoarder. As I was preparing to move from Houston back to California I opened the book cabinet in the family room and cringed at the thought of packing so many cookbooks. it took me the good part of an afternoon to sort through them. I donated four boxes of cookbook.

    I rarely ever purchase cookbooks anymore. I do have a few that I keep for reference.

    I learned a lot from Julia Child’s The Way to Cook, including never place a cookbook on the stove top. o_O

    Norcalbaker59, Feb 7, 2018
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  3. AuntJamelle

    ChesterV Well-Known Member

    Sep 7, 2015
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    I have cookbooks, but they are just basic cookbooks, as i use basic recipes for the base of what I'm creating.

    I do have a let of 1970's Womens Day cookbook encyclopedias that have never been used, I've been wanting to get rid off, but I can't find any information online about them to find out what price to ask for.
    ChesterV, Feb 7, 2018
  4. AuntJamelle

    Becky Administrator

    Mar 26, 2013
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    Oh I have so many! Definitely more than 20, but I'm not sure of the exact number. I really love cookbooks :D

    I wouldn't say I'm a hoarder though. I do have a clean-out occasionally, and if there are any books I haven't done any recipes from then I give them to charity. However when I use a cook book I'm not very precious with it - I fold the page of any recipe that I've tried and want to do again, they're often covered in grease / spatter marks, and I make notes everywhere, so I couldn't really donate any of my used books to charity. It's weird, because when it comes to any other book I don't even like to break the spine!

    I also have a self-made recipe book - it's a binder of recipes I've found online or by word of mouth. It's definitely a good way to keep track of everything!
    Becky, Feb 8, 2018
  5. AuntJamelle

    -Daniel- Well-Known Member

    Oct 3, 2017
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    People keep buying me recipe books as presents, and honestly I'm sick of them! I have 3 books I regularly consult for recipes and sometimes I'll change them up.

    I've received too many books that don't have recipes I'm interested in.
    -Daniel-, Feb 9, 2018
  6. AuntJamelle

    Angie CupcakeQueen Well-Known Member

    Apr 17, 2017
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    A lot of the books I have are old cookbooks. Ones that my mom had when she was younger. I have a cookbook that belonged to my grandmother. It’s really old and not properly bound so it’s not used.
    The oldest one I have is one that I got as a gift from my dad. It’s a little cookbook that my grandpa made back in the 30’s.
    I have well over twenty cookbooks but I don’t use them much. I use them mostly for inspiration not so much the specific recipes.
    Angie CupcakeQueen, Feb 10, 2018
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