Losing my mind over these unique Mystery Chocolate Chip Chip Cookie Recipe!!

Jun 8, 2021
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Hey everyone. So there is this Cookie place in my city who have a closely guarded recipie for their cookies.. I ordered them and I'll admit that 3 out of their 6 flavours were amazing not just in taste but in texture and that gloss was not just due to camera or lighting . It was there when I saw them even the next day.. I have searched all over the internet..and cannot account for this exact texture and shine. I spoke to the owners and they said that they didn't use any kind of extra gel etc to make it shine. It's just pretty basic.. Beyond that is anyone's guess what recipe this is. Can anyone help me crack it. The taste was rated high especially for red velvet and chocolate chip flavour.(my double and triple chocolate were wayy better , which I got blind tasted) Especially for red velvet cookie. I want to really nail this texture. The cookie was sweet and vanilla . Pretty basic but not like an average classic chocolate chip cookie. It was very easy to eat even the next day and retained its shape and gloss at room temperature. As well as textute.. can anyone please help.


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Jun 22, 2017
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if you ordered it from a bakery in the US by law they have to include an food label. That label will tell you all the ingredients.

A cookie is a cookie. But it’s very difficult to reproduce a bakery product at home because they use different types of ovens; they have commercial quality flours that home bakers don’t have access to, they use emulsifiers that home bakers don’t have access to.

Glaze is normally just egg white wash.

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