Looking for a recipe for white bread


Jan 16, 2015
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I want to start making all of our bread. My kids mainly like white bread for their sandwiches. Anyone have a recipe that works well as sandwich bread?



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Jul 29, 2014
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Hi mommyof4,

here's a sandwich bread recipe I use - it's a handy staple for sandwiches, and it makes great toast too:

475g strong white bread flour
7g sachet of dried yeast, or 21g fresh yeast (crumble the fresh yeast into the flour)
1 tablespoon of sugar or barley malt syrup
10g coarse sea salt
2 tablespoons dried milk powder (optional, but it does help to keep the bread moister for longer)
2 tablespoons olive oil or rapeseed oil
225-250ml barely tepid water


1. Put all ingredients into a bowl and mix by hand until you form a dough that comes together well. A little more flour or water can be added if the dough is too dry or too wet, but take care not to overdo it either way. Place dough on a very lightly floured surface and knead for a good 10 minutes until the dough becomes strong, stretchy, and elasticated.


Put all of the ingredients together in a stand mixer and mix on low to medium speed (using a dough hook) for 5 minutes, until it comes together in a smooth elastic ball. No need to knead any further if you're using a stand mixer

2. Place dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover and leave to prove for at least an hour - you can also put your dough into the fridge at this point, and leave it overnight. It will prove perfectly in the fridge over a longer period, and more flavour will develop by using this method. I find that this method can really help me out when my schedule is busier than usual.

3. When the dough has proven, remove from the bowl to a very lightly floured surface - do not punch it or manhandle it too heavily at this point - and just lightly stretch it out with your finger tips. Pull the edges of the dough into the centre, bit by bit, and gather together in a ball shape. Turn over so that the seam side is down, and gently shape into the shape of your tin.

4. Brush a little oil onto your tin and dust with flour. Carefully place your shaped dough, seam side down, into the tin. Cover and leave to prove for 30 minutes to 1 hour, or until doubled in size. Do not over prove the dough at this point or your bread will become tough. Keep a close eye on it.

Note: It's not necessary to prove dough in a warm place. In fact, it's preferable to prove at room temperature as this slows down the yeast, and gives your bread a much better flavour.

5. Pre-heat your oven to 200C (fan). When your bread is proved, bake for 20 minutes before turning the heat down to 180C (fan) and bake for another 20 minutes. If you want to keep your crust soft and chewy, place a tray of water in the bottom of your oven to make steam.

6. Your bread is baked when you turn it out, tap it on the bottom and it makes a hollow sound. If not, place it back in the oven for another few minutes, but keep checking it.

Hope this helps!

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